The Hourglass By Anne Weller Review

Monday, April 23, 2012
The Houglass

Title: The Hourglass
Author: Anne Weller
Publisher: Bradley Publishing
Release Date: March 2012
Edition: Kindle
Source: Author for Honest Opinion
bdsm Erotica

Rating: 4stars (1)

Goodreads Synopsis

Prim research librarian Mary Chase travels to Italy in search of an antique manuscript rumored to belong to international financier Emilio Vittorini. She soon discovers the rumors are right -- but that gaining access to the manuscript hinges on her willingness to submit to a series of dark and carnal games with Vittorini himself.
When she submits, she makes the most astonishing discovery of all – that the rituals of Vittorini’s calculated discipline awaken a level of passionate response in her that she never knew she possessed. But at what price? And what will become of her when their ‘negotiations’ come to an end?
My Thoughts

This book had some amazing description I could just picture myself in the story. I really enjoyed reading it. It will leave you all hot and bothered in a very good way. It was a short and sweet read that will leave you craving more of Emilio. I can only hope we can see more of Emilio later on in another story.
Mary a librarian sets out for Italy in hopes of getting her hands on a rare manuscript. Getting close to the manuscript is a journey of self discovery she learns things about herself that she would have never thought possible. She gets wrapped up in sexual games with Emilio that leaves her wanting more of Emilio and still wanting to see the rare manuscript.

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