Guest Post Dehumanized by Michael Loring

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Title: Dehumanized
Author: Michael Loring
Genre: Paranormal/Dystopian/
New Adult
Publisher: Bokheim Publishing
Release Date: July 24 2013
Editions: eBook & Print

Ryan Zachery lived his life the way all high school teenagers should – carefree.
Until he was attacked by an unknown assailer and awoke in the hospital with lycanthropy. Taken by armed guards and dragged away from everything he held dear, Ryan was thrown into a US camp made for those ‘suffering’ from lycanthropy.
They caged the beast, but now he will show them that he will never be dehumanized.

Review Burned By Passion by Dez Burke

Monday, September 16, 2013
Title: Burned by Passion
Author: Dez Burke
Genre: African American Romance/Interracial Romance
Publisher: Pink Lotus Publishing, Inc.
Release Date: Aug 8 2013

Even good girls make mistakes.
Kira was shocked to meet her boss’s handsome, long-absent son and find him even more lethal in the flesh. He’d always been just a face in a photo - and nothing had prepared her for the way they clashed and burned when they finally met.
Blake Carter returned to America for a reunion with a father he hadn’t seen since he was ten. But Blake had never bargained for falling for his father’s sexy secretary, the beautiful and impressionable Kira Taylor…
Blake caught one glimpse of the gorgeous beauty from across the crowded room and felt the primal taste of desire like he’d never known. The sparks were more antagonism than attraction on her part as they collided over differences about the way he treated his father. But Blake had very strong persuasive skills when it came to bringing the vulnerable Kira to bend to his carnal passions…

Cover Reveal The Fawn by Susan Griscom

Cover Reveal Open Gates by D.T. Dyllin

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cover Reveal Captivate by Amy Miles


Ashlyn Doyle doesn’t trust the world. 

Assistant to the famous romance author, Tamsin Archer, it falls to Ashlyn to find the perfect eye candy to grace the cover of Ender’s Betrayal, but when she bumps into Slade Collins on the streets of London, she gets far more than she bargained for.

Determined to make his mark in the world, Slade leaps at the opportunity to bring Ender James to life during a five city book tour.  His sly smile and dashing British accent easily capture the attention of the fiery Tamsin Archer, and her assistant.  The faster Slade moves into the spotlight, the more he begins to realize that fame isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

As Ashlyn and Slade are forced to work side by side, they will soon discover that love is a tangible thing, but only if they are willing to reach for it.  

Cover Reveal The Road That Leads to Home by Jaimie Hope

 Title: The Road That Leads To Home
Author: Jaimie Hope
Genre: Romance
Length: 248 Pages
Release Date: September 2013
Available In: eBook & Paperback
Presented by: As You Wish Tours


Sara Rhea is a young woman with a bright future ahead of her, until she receives the call that changes it all Now she must return home and help run the family inn. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but she had no idea how difficult it would be. Not only does she have an ailing father and a sister she doesn’t get along with to contend with, but she also has to deal with him. She didn’t think she’d ever see James, her old flame, again, but fate intervened. Will their old flame be reignited? Only time will tell.

Jaimie Hope was born in 1976 in New York. As a child, she loved story time and when she was old enough to read on her own she always had a book. When she wasn't reading, Ms. Hope was writing and making up stories to amuse children and adults alike. Perhaps that's why nobody was surprised when she announced she wanted to be an author. Jaimie Hope is the author of The Adventures of Baby Jaimie series. She also has also written novels/novellas in the YA genre, and has released her autobiography.

Cover Reveal Falling For Grace by Anne Conley

Thursday, September 12, 2013