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Giveaway and Spotlight The Sibyl Reborn by J. Perry Kelly

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Title: The Sibyl Reborn
Author: J. Perry Kelly
Series: A Cassandra Shavano Novel
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Dawn Catherine Kelly
Release Date: Jan 2014

In The Sibyl Reborn, a speculative urban fantasy that spans Man's prehistoric creation and pending dooms, a prophetess cursed from antiquity reincarnates to save the future only to learn that she might be a pawn who seals our fate. When Cassandra Shavano--newlywed, avid hiker, environmentalist--resorts to metaphysics to reshape her destiny, she entangles the immediate fates of eight people, a teenage ghost, the CIA, mankind, and its parent species. Trapped in a karmic labyrinth fraught with seduction, betrayal, and murder, can she unearth Man's darkest secret, escape the maze, and solve an impossible riddle, or will the curse win again with forever at stake for humanity and Earth?


Twice a surrogate spokesperson for the White House, James ended five years of 'procures' biotech activism in 2006 in protest over his former social and political contacts joining with Big Oil, Coal, and Gas to distort the science of Climate Change.

Prior to a 1997 auto accident, that left him paralyzed, James enjoyed a twenty-year railroad career in signals & communications, locomotive electronics, and rail traffic management. Together with his wife Selene, he restored antique furniture, redecorated old houses, and rambled along backcountry roads or Appalachian paths with Homer, their mostly beagle.

The Kellys' live at the foot of Pikes Peak in Colorado where James meets Selene daily on her return from Cassandra-like treks on mountain trails or through a nearby park called the "Garden of the Gods." They appreciate your interest in "The Sibyl Reborn" and hope to hear your thoughts concerning its content and value as entertainment.

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