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Guest Post The Cliffhouse Haunting & The Ghosts of Ravencrest by Thorne & Cross

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Title: The Cliffhouse Haunting
Authors: Thorne & Cross
Series: Standalone
Genre: Supernatural/Ghost/Thriller/Suspense
Publisher: Glass Apple Press
Release Date: April 2, 2015
Edition/Formats: Kindle
When the Blue Lady Walks...

Since 1887, Cliffhouse Lodge has been famous for its luxurious accommodations, fine dining… and its ghosts. Overlooking Blue Lady Lake, nestled among tall pines, Cliffhouse has just been renovated by its owners, Teddy and Adam Bellamy, and their daughter, Sara.

Cliffhouse has not always been a place of rest and respite, though. Over the years it has served many vices, from rum-running to prostitution - and although the cat house has been replaced by a miniature golf course and carousel, Cliffhouse retains its dark history; darkest during the Roaring Twenties, when a serial killer called the Bodice Ripper terrorized the town, and a phantom, the Blue Lady, was said to walk when murder was imminent.

Death Walks With Her...

Now, there’s a new killer on the loose, and the Blue Lady sightings have returned. The Bellamys are losing maids, and guests are being tormented by disembodied whispers, wet phantom footprints, and the blood-chilling shrieks of mad laughter that echo through the halls of Cliffhouse in the dead of night.

The little mountain town of Cliffside is the perfect hunting ground for a serial killer… and the Blue Lady. Police Chief Jackson Ballou has bodies piling up, and between the murders and the mysteries, he can hardly pursue his romance with Polly Owen. And Sara Bellamy may lose her true love before they even have their first kiss.
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Title: The Ghosts of Ravencrest
Authors: Thorne & Cross
Series: The Ravencrest Saga Vol 1
Genre: Supernatural/Ghost/Thriller/Suspense
Publisher: Glass Apple
Release Date: Sept 20, 2015
Edition/Formats: Kindle

Darkness Never Dies ...
Ravencrest Manor has always been part of the family. The ancestral home of the Mannings, Ravencrest’s walls have been witness to generations of unimaginable scandal, horror, and depravity. Imported stone by stone from England to northern California in the early 1800s, the manor now houses widower Eric Manning, his children, and his staff. Ravencrest stands alone, holding its memories and ghosts close to its dark heart, casting long, black shadows across its grand lawns, through the surrounding forests, and over the picturesque town of Devilswood, below.

Dare to Cross the Threshold ...
Ravencrest Manor is the most beautiful thing new governess, Belinda Moorland, has ever seen, but as she learns more about its tangled past of romance and terror, she realizes that beauty has a dark side. Ravencrest is built on secrets, and its inhabitants seem to be keeping plenty of their own - from the handsome English butler, Grant Phister, to the power-mad administrator, Mrs. Heller, to Eric Manning himself, who watches her with dark, fathomless eyes. But Belinda soon realizes that the living who dwell in Ravencrest have nothing on the other inhabitants - the ones who walk the darkened halls by night … the ones who enter her dreams … the ones who are watching … and waiting …

Welcome to Ravencrest ...
Who is the man digging in the garden beyond Belinda’s bedroom window? Who - or what - is watching her from the vents? From ghostly screams and the clutching bony fingers of death in the indoor pool, to the trio of gliding nuns in the east wing who come at Belinda with black blazing eyes, to the beckoning little girl in the red dress who died more than two centuries ago, Belinda is thrust into a world of waking nightmares where there is no distinction between the living and the dead, and there are no limits to the horrors that await. Witchcraft is afoot at Ravencrest and as unspeakable terrors begin to unfold, Belinda realizes that her beautiful new home is a keeper of tragedy, a collector of souls. And it wants to add her to its collection …

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RBTL Presents Tamara Thorne & Alistair Cross

Co Authoring did it come natural for the two of you since you Co Host a Paranormal Themed Talk Radio Show.

We’ve been writing collaborators for three years now, so it was only natural to extend the collaboration to a radio show. Our writing collaboration began with a simple conversation - an interview - that quickly turned into an accidental brain-storming session.  From that first day on, we spoke daily. Since neither of us enjoy phone calls - and will do just about anything to avoid them - this in itself seemed significant.

Synchronicity. That’s what it’s all about. Neither of us had any intention of collaborating with anyone, but this partnership was not to be denied - looking back, it felt like something that was meant to be even then. It “officially” began when we decided to try writing a short story together - which quickly became a novel. After that, there was no going back.

While we were writing that first book, we had an opportunity to meet up when Tamara, who does paranormal investigations now and then, was invited to spend a few days and nights in a privately owned cabin in Gold Country in California. We went together and ended up staying a total of five rather disturbing nights in the place before heading out on a roadtrip to explore the California coast. You can read about our adventures, which are documented at Five Nights in a Haunted Cabin.

During that time the seeds of our novel The Cliffhouse Haunting were sown the night we witnessed some poltergeist activity. We began brainstorming and ended up setting aside the first novel to write the new one.

By then, we’d found a better way to collaborate. Using Skype and the Cloud, we literally spend six days a week writing and talking, brainstorming and editing together. We had a grand time writing Cliffhouse. Simultaneously, we began writing our serial novel,
The Ghosts of Ravencrest, releasing all eight episodes over the space of a year - it’s now available in a single volume and we’ve begun the second volume in The Ravencrest Saga, The Witches of Ravencrest, with the first installment due out in November.

During this time, Alistair also completed his first solo, The Crimson Corset, a vampire novel. We are now writing a thriller to be published this winter. In 2016, we will complete the sequel to Tamara Thorne’s vampire epic, Candle Bay, which will include several of Alistair’s vampires (a handful of hers made cameos in Corset). We also have a couple other books planned for release next year and we are both working on solo novels on the side.

Co-hosting a paranormal-themed radio show, Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE! was a natural extension. After a lively appearance on Authors on the Air, the producer asked us if we’d consider hosting a horror-themed show. It sounded like fun and we’ve interviewed lots of fun and fascinating authors like Laurell K. Hamilton, Christopher Moore, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, and Charlaine Harris.  The show happens on Thursdays at the end of our workday - we simply switch gears.

Whether writing novels or hosting the radio show, collaborating with each other is one of the most natural and gratifying things that has happened our lives. Most days, we have a lot of fun and work feels a lot like play, but even when the work comes hard, we’re productive. We treat this as we would any job - with professionalism and discipline - and we’re both dedicated to having a good time while we’re at it. We love our jobs, and our goal is to never let it become stale. We always write what about topics we love - and would like to read about.

Tamara Thorne is the author of many novels including international bestsellers, Haunted, Moonfall, Bad Things, and The Sorority. She’s been interested in ghost stories all her life and has been published since 1991. 

Alistair Cross shares the love of ghosts and the paranormal and was first published in 2012.

That same year, Thorne and Cross joined forces, intending to write a short story together. One thing led to another, and they have since completed two novels, The Cliffhouse Haunting and The Ghosts of  Ravencrest. They are currently working on their next projects, which are slated for release throughout 2015 and 2016.

Together, they host the popular Horror, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal themed radio show, Thorne & Cross Haunted Nights LIVE!, which has included such guests as Chelsea Quinn Yarbro of the Saint-Germain vampire series, Charlaine Harris of the Southern Vampire Mysteries and basis of the HBO series, True Blood, Jeff Lindsay, author of the Dexter novels that inspired the hit television series, Jay Bonansinga of the Walking Dead series, Laurell K. Hamilton of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels, and New York Times bestsellers Christopher Rice, Jonathan Maberry, and Christopher Moore.

You can visit Alistair Cross’ website at www.alistaircross.com and Tamara Thorne’s website at www.tamarathorne.com