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Pre-Order Blitz Bratva Jewel by Sabine Barclay

Thursday, January 5, 2023


Title: Bratva Jewel
Series: The Ivankov Brotherhood #6
Author: Sabine Barclay
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: January 24, 2023


I can’t resist her. I don’t want to…
She’s tried to leave our life behind, but no one walks away from the bratva.

She can run, but she can’t hide.

I’ll be the one to catch her when she falls. And she will because she’s walking a fine line.

I’ll be there because she’s mine.

I’ll go to the ends of the Earth for her. She’ll discover her limits and realize only I can please her.
She’s my soulmate, and I’m hers. Heaven help anyone who gets in the way.

Bratva Jewel is an interconnecting, standalone Dark Mafia Romance with a HEA and no cliffhanger. It contains extra-steamy scenes that will make your toes curl and your granny blush. This is book six in The Ivankov Brotherhood, a six-book series that’ll keep you warm at night.




He may be the hottest man I’ve ever seen, but nope. No way. No how. Uh-uh. Everything about him that makes me want to run my hands and tongue all over him is what’s telling me to stay far, far away. The aura of danger, of barely controlled strength embodies that idea of animal magnetism. But it’s also what’s likely to get me heartbroken at best and killed at worst. I know this type of man. I grew up around them. My mother says my father was like that. And that means I need it nowhere near me.
But f*ck. He’s delicious to look at. Those icy-blue eyes remind me of the lakes in Siberia near my grandparents’ home. The kind that intrigues you enough to stick a toe in, then you regret it because you just might lose it. They might make me overheat now, but they’re likely to freeze my heart if I get too close. It would crumble into fractured shards, never to be put together again.
Holy sh*t. Okay. I can slow my brain down a notch or two. He smiled at me in the plane—or rather smiled at my tits—and he helped me with my suitcase. It’s not like he’s luring me into bed. Though… No. I would definitely say no. It might kill me. But then again, he might too. There is no way he isn’t bratva. I don’t need to ask. No one needs to tell me. I’m a Muscovite from the Serpukhovsky District; I know when I see one. But damn. I could watch him all day. His smile was pure sex, and I don’t think he was even trying. God help any woman when he's really trying to charm her.



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Sabine Barclay, a nom de plume also writing Historical Romance as Celeste Barclay, lives near the Southern California coast where she's a former rower and a hopeful surfer, a self-proclaimed foodie, and a lover of the outdoors. Sabine enjoys attending reader events and travels domestically and internationally for book signings and speaking engagements. Before becoming a full-time author, Sabine was a Social Studies and English teacher. She holds degrees in International Affairs (BA), Secondary Social Science (MAT), and Political Management (MPS). She channels that knowledge into creating engrossing contemporary romances that bring the steam will make your toes curl and your granny blush.