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Giveaway & Book Spotlight The Storm Dancer by Rayne Hall

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Title: Storm Dancer
Author: Rayne Hall
Publisher: Scimitar Press
Length:  469 Pages
Sub-Genres: Epic Fantasy


 Demon-possessed siege commander, Dahoud, atones for his atrocities by hiding his identity and protecting women from war's violence - but can he shield the woman he loves from the evil inside him?

Principled weather magician, Merida, brings rain to a parched desert land. When her magical dance rouses more than storms, she needs to overcome her scruples to escape from danger.

Thrust together, Dahoud and Merida must fight for freedom and survival. But how can they trust each other, when hatred and betrayal burn in their hearts?

'Storm Dancer' is a dark epic fantasy. British spellings. Caution: this book contains some violence and disturbing situations. Not recommended for under-16s.