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Giveaway & Excerpt Psychic Appeal by Michelle McCleod

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Title: Psychic Appeal
Author: Michelle McCleod
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date:  Nov 2013

Psychic P.I. Sofa Parker never thought she'd date a ghost, but when she accidentally kills her boyfriend, the phrase 'eternal love' takes on an unwelcome meaning. He doesn’t want a little thing like death to come between them and plans to haunt Sofia until she agrees.

Add a case that results in being stalked by a necromancer, betrayal by dragons and the meddling of druids and things get complicated, fast. But the latest Supernatural politics aren’t her biggest problem.

Sofia’s met someone and she can’t stop herself from falling in love. Life really hits the fan when her new relationship drives the lovesick ghost of her boyfriend to come back from the dead...anyway he can.

‘Bad break-up’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

What readers say about Michelle McCleod’s work:

“Her writing style is unique and fast paced. Very easy to get lost in the world.”

“I was drawn into the characters, and I couldn't help but like them. I really liked that the heroine wasn't too stupid to live! A nice bit of world building.”

“Sexy and fast, with a quick-witted heroine and a hottie hero.”