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Monday, January 20, 2014
Title: The Rose of Cavendish
Author: Lea Cherry
Series: Cavendish Series
Genre: YA / Fantasy
Publisher: Xlibris
Release Date: Oct 26 2011
Edition: Digital
Source: Author for Blog Tour and Honest Opinion
Anna-Belle, the Princess of Fae’s life was put into danger by the Empress' right hand man so she escaped the hold the guards and the palace had on her to save her life. That was when she came across Landon, who helped her escape and taught her a few things. She also met Keira, the shadow that Landon couldn’t get rid of, who had an instant dislike in Anna-Belle but tagged along when they fell off a cliff into the Elven Kingdom.
In the Elven Kingdom, Anna-Belle met Aranhil, the prince of elves and also her love interest in the story. It was there that she and her friends learned about a prophecy that Anna-Belle is the Chosen One and the only one who could find the Enchantress, who is needed to stop the darkness that is threatening her world. The only way to find the Enchantress was to travel towards the darkness to find an enchanted rose that can grant any wish that is pure of heart.
On this journey, Anna-Belle learns to harness her powers, finds an unlikely friendship and starts to fall in love. But it is also on this journey that the darkness threatens to unfold everything they have worked for. Anna-Belle gains strength, courage and friends, but loses a lot more when she finds The Rose of Cavendish.