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Review Big Sky by Kitty Thomas

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Title: Big Sky
Author: Kitty Thomas
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Erotica/BDSM
Publisher:  Burlesque Press
Release Date: September 22 2012
Edition: Kindle
Source: Author In Exchange for Honest Review

Veronica Cason lives in a small apartment with no clear view of the sky. It’s uncertain which might crush her first: her debt or the buildings squeezed in so tight that they surround her like ominous sentinels. She can’t breathe in the city. Her success is a lie, and her debt is coming to collect her—unless someone else gets there first.

When a stranger offers her a job at a ranch, it feels like salvation, but it could also mean her death if his motives aren't pure. Which door has the tiger behind it? The claustrophobia of the city or ranch life under an open sky?