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We at Read Between The Lines provide Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Character Interviews, Giveaways, Guest Post, Author Spotlights, Feature Series, or Featured Book Spotlights, Excerpts, Blurb Blitz’s, Cover Reveals and a variety of other packages we will even customize one for you.
*If you send your book to review you are agreeing and acknowledging that you have read and accept all terms.
** In accordance with FTC guidelines, if we receive a free copy of a book for review, we will state that a free copy was provided by the author/provider and that our opinions are given 100% free of charge.  In no way does receipt of a free copy for a review sway our opinions.

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Date service is needed by **As reviewers we ask for at least a 6 - 8 week notice for a review but may adjust for circumstances at reviewers discretion.
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If You do Not See What You Are looking For Contact Me At sadase98@gmail.com We Can Customize A Package To Meet Your Needs

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Authors FQA

When you sign up, you choose the feature you would like to feature. Please read below how these feature work out now that they are scheduled.

Interviews (Character or Author):

If you are scheduled for a interview, you will be forwarded the interview questions as soon as I receive them from the respective host(s).

Book Reviews:

If you request book reviews and have  some scheduled on the tour please forward me all available eBook formats and I will in turn forward them to the respective host(s). Please note that I have no control over the book reviews, they will be the bloggers true opinions of the novel. We ask our host to only post if it is rated at least 3 stars we understand anything under would be negativity. We also can not guarantee a positive rating for all rating is our tour host(s) opinion. If for some reason they rate it under a 3 we ask them to only do a PROMO Post only. They are free to place their review after the tour is over if they want though. But most bloggers are not out to ruin anyone and would prefer not to even write a review if they did not care for it.

Guest Posts:

If you chose guest posts on your tour, then you also chose how many you would like to do on the tour. Guest post topics are up to you the author unless otherwise discussed or specifically asked by a certain blogger. The Length, at a minimum should be no less than 500 words with no maximum requirements.


If you chose to do giveaways on your tour, then you also choose how many you would like to do and what you would like to giveaway. Unless specially discussed between us then giveaways are entirely dictated by the respective bloggers. They choose the terms and conditions (Unless you wanted it open to certain places like only US or US/Canada) they also choose how long the giveaway will run. When they choose the winner(s) by their own method, they will forward me the winner(s) info and I will in turn forward it to you.

Promo Post:

If a blogger is doing a promo post, they will post the book cover, info, description, buy links, author picture (if provided by you), author bio and links.

Excerpt Post:

If a blogger is doing an excerpt post this is kind of like a promo post, I do ask though that if you choose to do this kind of post that you send me more than one excerpt post (not whole chapters, they are much too long) that way each blog hosting an excerpt specifically can mix them up. An Excerpt is kind of like a promo post. We request that you provide more than one excerpt, not whole chapters as they tend to be too long. Providing more than one excerpts allows for variety among the bloggers.

Book Playlist Post:

A book play list post is your book playlist(s) with reasons why you chose each song on it, it is kind of like a guest post but directed specifically at your book playlist.

Book Trailer Tour:

If you choose to do a Book Trailer Tour, please provide a photo of the book cover unless you are adding this package with another. Provide a link to your trailer, the html code or the actual movie trailer.


If you wrote something in the 'other blank' when choosing features please discuss it with me.

If you have any questions that are not answered above please contact me at sadase98@gmail.com


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