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I am an avid reader from Pennsylvania. My name is Anna and I am a book reading, book buying, book loving person! My belief  people who do not read are truly missing out on something wonderful. Reading broadens your mind! My goal is to share my love of reading with the world one book at a time. If there is a good book out there, I will find it and share it with you.  I have had a love of reading since I was a little girl and my love of books has not changed. I am often told by friends and loved ones (especially my husband ) that I live in a library ( but it is also said friends and loved ones that help me feed my addiction for they continue to buy me books) which is fine by me. I started this blog to share my love of reading with everyone. So I hope you will grab a drink, sit back and join me on this journey of discovering new and amazing books. There is nothing like sitting down with a hot cup of tea (which is my choice of beverage) and a book to read.

Thank You, 


Steven Dase said...

I love you!!! I am so glad you found something you really love doing, you are mine and always will be.

love and kisses,

Roxanne Rue said...

Hi There!

I just wrote and published a novel. "Like a Demon: The Strange Case of Rebecca Prosper" and I'm looking for reviewers. Here's the blurb if you want a glimpse:

Galatea is stunningly beautiful, fiercely intelligent and the best private detective in New Orleans. With her brother at her side, it seems that her new business can't go anywhere but up...until trouble comes right up to her front door.

Enter Cee. Handsome, successful, and mysterious. When he shows up on her doorstep as she tries to solve a case surrounding the strange death of a client, she finds it hard to keep her mind on her job. Cee is her match in every way, especially in the bedroom.

As their romance blossoms, a sinister wind blows in and encircles her. Something from the darkness watches and waits, lusting after her. As Galatea falls under Cee's irresistible spell, she begins to uncover pieces of a darker world...

I hope this peaks your interest. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


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