Feature Spotlight Fallen Love by Alex Stargazer

Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Take a look at this gorgeous cover, and enter  the world of Fallen Love, where witches fight politicians and darkness lurks in hidden places. This is urban fantasy like you’ve never read before: there’s diverse romance, flying cars, mystery and of course—there’s magic. 

Title: Fallen Love
Author: Alex Stargazer
Genre: YA, Fantasy, LGTBQ, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Self Publish
Release Date: February 1 2020

There are many kinds of monster that walk the Earth. Some are ugly. Others speak beautiful words through forked tongues. But the worst possess the grace of angels, and the hearts of demons...

Upperclassman Conall is rich, impeccably dressed, and set for a prestigious career in the Party hierarchy. He doesn’t lack for anything—except, maybe, love.

When he finds Mark, alone, abandoned and hurt, he doesn’t expect one act of kindness to alter the course of his life forever. There is more to Mark than Conall can even dream of. The beautiful, vulnerable boy Conall knows is not human. A dark power lies within Mark—it can make him immortal... but love might be the price.

Here is a little background on how Fallen Love came to fruition.

I began my writing journey seven years ago, when I wrote my first novel, the Necromancer. One grey October afternoon, I began writing. I believe the necromancer compelled me to write that day; that the curve of his arrogant jaw, the icy power held in his ‘cold orbs of sight,’ all but forced me to put him down on paper.

After the Necromancer, I released two short stories (the Vampire Eirik and the Sandman) and began working on a novel known as the Ark. With the help of a talented editor named Matrice, I realised that the Ark was not the story I wanted to tell—it was but an inkling, a malformed idea that did not encapsulate the true purpose of Mark and Conall.

So I did something brave, and a little bit crazy: I created a totally different story from the same characters I started off with. The main characters—Mark, Conall and Kaylin—were reborn in a new world, a city where dark beings walk in the shadows of cruel men. This is the story of Fallen Love.

It wasn’t easy getting here. I began writing this book when I was 19 and starting university; I finished it in 9 months, but I wasted a great deal of time trying to get a traditional publishing contract. (By the way: trying to get a contract as a young author writing fantasy is impossible. Don’t bother.) Eventually, I took the hard road and went it alone.

Alex Stargazer is an author of dark, fantastical tales that snare you in with epic world-building—and keep you reading with funny anecdotes and beautiful love stories. He currently hails from rainy Scotland, but he can be found all over Europe. Since publishing his first novel—the Necromancer—at 14, Alex has released two short stories and an upcoming new novel, named Fallen Love.

When not establishing the finer points of magecraft or the peculiarities of dragons, Alex is working hard on getting a Master’s degree in pboring topics like economics. In his spare time, Alex enjoys exploring the wilderness of Scotland—though Austria, Italy and the Nordic countries fascinate him most. If he really needs to blow off some steam, Alex will shoot zombies in his favourite shooter, Left 4 Dead 2.

Alex can be found on Twitter @AlexStargazerWE or on Facebook at Alex Stargazer Writes Books. Don’t forget to follow him on Goodreads, where you can also do other useful stuff like shelve his books and leave him reviews.

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