Flash Fiction Friday ~ 7 Deadly Sins w/ Dawn Kirby

Friday, July 20, 2018
Dawn will be giving us shorts loosely based on the 7 Deadly Sins. Each Sin of  pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth will each get 2 shorts a begging for the first round one each week and a conclusion the second round again one each week.

This Weeks Sin is Greed.

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  Gimme (Greed Part 1)
by Dawn Kirby

“Man, I got no worries,” Mark said, adjusting himself into a better position on the couch. He clicked the buttons on the controller a few times and then turned to look at Dave. “When my granny dies, life’s gonna be smooth sailing. All I gotta do is keep my head above water till then.”
“Dude, that’s cold,” Dave said, tapping his own controller. “I hope to hell you haven’t said that in front of her.”
“It wouldn’t matter if I did. The old bat can’t remember what she had for breakfast on a good day. Besides, it’s no secret. They give money away like Halloween candy when a relative kicks the bucket in our family. I’ve inherited so much money I could’ve bought my own house by now.”
Dave looked are the apartment. Nothing besides the electronics looked like much money had been poured into it. His car was nice. His apartment was descent, but nowhere near what you’d expect somebody that money to live in.
“So why didn’t you?”
Mark shrugged and tossed the controller aside. It was time for dinner. “I didn’t get it at once. Ten thousand here. Forty thousand there. The amount always depended on who died. Hungry?”
“I could eat.” He put the controller on the coffee table and stood up to stretch. They’d been at it for hours. Truth be told, he could use a little fresh air. “What’cha thinking?”
“Pizza, what else?”
“I’ll grab my keys.”
“Why? Delivery is the way to go.” He unlocked his phone and dialed the pizza parlor around the corner. “The usual,” Mark said. “Three large. Put it on grandma’s card.”  
“Seriously?” Dave said, when Mark ended the call. If he’d even thought about charging a drink, much less a pizza to his grandmother’s card, she’d walk the five hundred miles just to kick his ass. “My granny would kill me.”
“Relax,” Mark snorted. “If she didn’t want me to use it, she wouldn’t have told me they had her info on file.” He went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and screwed up his face. “Not enough to get through the weekend. Any special requests?” he asked, pulling his phone out of his pocket. 
“Not that I can think of. Maybe something will jump out at me while we’re there.”
Mark chuckled. “You can go if you want, but I’m letting them do the work. If we’re lucky they’ll get here before we run out of pizza.” 
“Typical weekend?” he asked, resigning himself to the fact that they weren’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future. 
“For the most part,” he answered as he put items in his online shopping cart. “Normally it’s just me though. Everybody else always has plans.” 
“No invite?”
“Nah, just no desire to go. I’m game on the days I work, but once I’m home, I wanna stay home. The less I do, the happier I am.”  
Dave had met Mark at work about two months ago. There he’d thought he was pretty cool guy. He had no problem buying drinks after their shift or paying for breakfast before they all went their separate ways after an all night party. Now, after spending a few hours with him, he was starting to see things a little differently. 
“I don’t think I could do that.” He got up to get a beer. “I like being out too much. So many things to do, so little time.”
“Not me.” He tapped on his screen a few more times, then smirked. “Thank you, granny. Weekend staples will be here in an hour.”
Dave shook his head. Blatant disrespect and it was beginning to piss him off. 
“What exactly do you pay for?”
“Me personally?” Mark asked. Dave nodded. “Being as Granny thinks I’m going to school, I don’t really pay for much of anything. I bought my cars with inheritance money. She foots the bill for my rent, insurance and utilities. She wouldn’t want me to starve either, so I get to restock on her dime any time I want to. As long as I keep up the façade, I got it made. My brother’s got the same deal. He’s been a professional student for about ten years now.” He winked and collapsed back into the couch. “Hopefully I won’t have to keep this up for that long.”
“Not that you have to now.”
Mark rolled his eyes. He’d heard this same thing a hundred times before. “Look, when you’re on a gravy train you don’t just jump off. If she’s willing to take care me, I’m happy to let her.”
“And when she runs out of money?” Dave didn’t even know his grandmother and he was still angry for what he was doing to her. 
“Not likely. She’s got more money than God. Like I said before, once she’s gone, I’m set. Stick around for a while. You may decide it’s not such a bad thing. I bet you could probably do the same with a few of your relatives. Just have to cozy up to the well off ones. Leave the average ones alone. They can’t do jack for you. No point.”
“You’d write off family because they can’t give you money?” He didn’t even try to hide the exasperation in his voice. 
“I have and I will. Life’s tough, dude. Money talks. As long as I got that, I don’t need anything else.” 
“I’d rather have my family.”
“Yeah, my sister says the same thing. Thing is she and her husband struggle. I don’t want to be like that. I shouldn’t have to. The money’s mine anyway. I’m just getting it earlier. No harm done.” 

Dawn Kirby lives in West TX with Jamie, her husband of 17 years and their three , DECEIT and TRIBULATIONS. All three part of the paranormal romance Serenity Series published by Twisted Core Press. Her work is also featured in several 7DS Books anthologies such as SEVEN DEADLY SINSA MAN’S PROMISELINGER, among several others. Another short, DATE NIGHT was published in 13 Tales of the Paranormal by Firefly and Wisp. To find out more about Dawn's work please visit www.dawnmkirby.com.
wonderful children Tristan, Aishlynn and Shelby. She's the author of 

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