Guest Post The Black Sheep Shadow by Ashley Terrell

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Title: The Black Sheep Shadow
Author: Ashley Terrell
Series: Standalone
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Fiction, Self-Help, Religious
Publisher: Ashley Terrell LLC
Release Date: April 19 2016
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
The city lights blind your amazement. The sound of the traffic challenges you to be alive. Families ask bystanders to make magic and capture the moment with photographs. Newly engaged couples seal their union by kissing under shooting stars while loving by crossing their hearts.

But if your heart was under arrest, wouldn't you want to embrace something to feel like others?

Go insider the world of one courageous sheep as she discovers that her heart was under attack by darkness. As she travels on a spiritual journey to understanding her purpose, overcoming the undertones of low confidence, self-acceptance, and the importance of inspiration, she rose against the odds with forgiveness and strengthening her faith.

(Note from Author)
The Power of Dark Places
The Importance of Your Black Shadow
Greensboro, NC: As the media crowd airwaves with the potent details of current events, correctional surgery and fashion sales, the potential of who we "could" be is being unsympathetically sold to millions.
Men and women are mentally wounded as highly sought public figures are invested in staying relevant in the latest “dramatic” scandals. "It's always harder to see what is in front of you when you are looking everywhere else," states author of The Black Sheep Shadow, Ashley Terrell. "Everyone has an opinion, but when it is time to speak up very few do. Speak and move with a purpose - that's relevance. One act of kindness can open doors to have others to walk through."
In The Black Sheep Shadow, Terrell speaks on the undertones of what we believe holds us to the idea we cannot succeed, grow and become better. Terrell tells her courageous journey of overcoming, forgiveness and finding happiness. Acclaimed to be one of the best novels of 2016, Terrell uses her journey as a platform for others to speak their truths, testimonies and to spread awareness.
Within her inspirational memoir, you discover the motivating logical quotes:
● “Guided lights” that many overlook on their journey to self-acceptance and self-worth
● Definition of “hidden faith”
● “Change has a role call”
● “Everyone has strength - better yet, a TESTIMONY.”

Guest Post 

What was the inspiration of The Black Sheep Shadow? What would you like the reader to take from The Black Sheep Shadow?

     I believe The Black Sheep Shadow is an inspiration all on its own. My motivation of wanting to help change the definition of leadership kept me determined to finish writing The Black Sheep Shadow. 
      The writing of The Black Sheep Shadow aspires me each day to continue to strive to help others use their limitless potential to achieve their goals. The Black Sheep Shadow inspires me to continue to strengthen my relationship with God to be more in His image. The Black Sheep Shadow has inspired me enjoy being happy and experiencing more of life that will allow me to appreciate every aspect. The Black Sheep Shadow has taught me that I trusted myself all along - I was simply in my own way.

   What I want my readers to take away from The Black Sheep Shadow is that THEY are my inspiration. No one guaranteed a smooth road when we choose to find who we are.  When you do find who you are, you will discover life is better the second time around. 

Ashley Terrell is the founder of Stella Bistro Foods and Black Sheep INC. Terrell is the host and co-director of Cooking with Stella (2016) and Unaverage Ash (2016). She resides East Coast where she enjoys blissful sunsets and sounds of ocean waves.
Founder & CEO
Head of Marketing
Of Terrell Enterprise
Terrell brings the sharp edge of acknowledgement in various aspects of her agency as well as awareness of client's concerns, desires and needs.
Terrell is the author of inspirational novel, Bitterness Isn't Sexy! (April 2014) and The Black Sheep Shadow (April 2016).
Terrell Enterprises is a boutique public relations agency that offers marketing, branding and advertising. For more information on A Terrell Enterprises, please visit www.aterrellenterprises.com
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