Spotlight The Prison Guards Son by Ursula Sinclair

Monday, February 29, 2016
It's a Leap Day Release!!!
The Prison Gaurd Son ~ Ursula Sinclair!! Formerly a novel in the #RockMyWorld anthology it has been released separately!!
Grab it today for just $2.99
Amazon ~ http://goo.gl/kBv1CB

The Prison Guard's Son- Young Guns Book 1 by Ursula Sinclair ~ I can only be who I am
Synopsis I can only be who I am.
Pike ~ I never knew my mother. I tell people she died shortly after I was born, that stops any more questions. So I don’t have to say she was a convicted felon who died while in prison. Nor do I have to talk about the fact that my father was one of her guards. He raised me as best he could. The one thing I never had or wanted was a family, he was family enough. The only other thing I ever needed was my music. I never pretended to be anything other than what I am, but then she entered my life and my music suffered. I needed to be someone else, anyone else or I could never have her. She could never know the truth about me or I wouldn’t be there to save her. Eryn ~ I never knew my father. Growing up in a large extended family, I was never alone. I just grew up without a father. He died before I was born and while I always had adult male relatives to help guide me, I still missed him. He never even knew of my existence, but I felt his presence everyday of my life. His legacy helped shape me. Then I heard this voice one day, singing with such a soul deep loneliness. I had to respond. But when I did, he turned my world upside down.
About Ursula Sinclair
Ursula Sinclair is the alter ego for LaVerne Thompson an award winning, bestselling, multi-published author, an avid reader and a writer of contemporary, fantasy, and sci/fi romances. But Ursula likes her relationships a little more complicated. She writes new adult and romantic suspense under this name. Her stories are highly sensual with erotic elements but she has a few that are considered erotic. Most of her books also have a touch of violence and a few more than that. She enjoys good action scenes in movies and has incorporated some of those elements in quite a few of her books.
She is also a certified chocoholic.
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