Review The Uncensored Truth: Let’s Talk About Sex by L.G. Erikson

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Title: The Uncensored Truth: Let’s Talk About Sex
Author: L.G. Erikson
Series: Standalone
Genre: Nonfiction
Publisher: DivisonHouse Publishing
Release Date: Feb 27 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
Sources: Author
What exactly is mind-blowing sex? Are women and men really that different? Why is sex so important for our well-being?
The author fearlessly explains in juicy details what it takes — for anyone — to experience real sexual bliss. "Let's Talk About Sex" gives you an unprecedented insight into the nature of sexuality from every possible angle. Packed with loads of information and highly entertaining stories we learn how to discover our true nature. Whether you're in a relationship or into one night stands, this book has something for everyone.
In a refreshingly straightforward language, the author tackles social and sexual taboos and encourages all readers to truly become themselves.

A bold, fascinating, and empowering read that will make you rethink everything you've learned about sex.

 This was a different read from my normal and I found this to be very informative and enlightening read. This book will make you stop and think about all the misconception about sex and open your eyes to seeing it through a new light so to speak. It gives helpful steps to pursuing and finally making your own decisions and not the ones wired into your brain. This should be a book on everyone ones nightstand. Not to mention this book is well written and make you question things that you thought to be true.

Excerpt , from chapter 9, “NORMAL SEX” VS. MIND-BLOWING SEX
It’s always tricky to use the word “normal” to describe something since it’s a term created by society and it can mean very different things in different cultures and social settings. So let me elaborate:
When I use the phrase “normal sex,” I mean anything, ranging from the average “I’m gonna hop on top of you and hump you until I come,” (male) to “I’m glad that’s over,” (woman). Or “hopefully we got pregnant now,” (mainly women), “Ok, that was alright,” (man or woman), or “how long do I have to blow you until you come,” (woman or man…. just replace the latter with ‘eat you’ instead of ‘blow you’ for the man). Others could be “maybe in time it’ll be more fun” (either one), and “why does he always finish before I’m ready?” (woman)… and the list goes on.
To be very clear:
I’m not insinuating that the sex positions/lack of acrobatics are the problem.
What I mean is the way you involve yourself in the act. You can have completely traditional sex and it can blow your mind.
Sex acrobatics have nothing to do with it. It’s the enjoyment factor, how turned on you are. This is a book about breaking through limitations and dropping judgmental behavior.
However, even when sex is fairly exciting for both parties, there’s often that subtle feeling that it could be better, that it was better in your head (as a fantasy, which men as well as women have but often don’t admit to) than in reality or that something was missing or your sex partner didn’t quite get what you wanted, and similar things. On a side note, while it is very normal to have fantasies about sex or other partners, if you have truly mind-blowing sex this won’t even occur to you while in the act. That’s also a good indicator that the sex you’re having right now – while in your mind you’re having sex with the hot neighbor – can’t be that hot after all.
Getting back to the point that somehow this was a tad better in your mind than in reality, therefore you must face an important fact: you had half-ass sex, you both didn’t allow yourself to “melt into each other.” Both parties are guilty of that.
But what exactly do I mean when I use the term “melt into each other”?
Often that happens by accident the first time, which is why most people don’t understand what it is. They think it’s a onetime thing, some special sexual connection they have with that one particular person. They often don’t understand that it was the connecting part with the other person, that they allowed themselves to really open up to them. I’m not suggesting that you can create that with everyone, obviously chemistry is always the key, but don’t confuse sexual chemistry with being in love. Any time you have chemistry with someone, you have the potential for mind-blowing sex.
I will tell you a few stories to give you an example of mind-blowing sex, so you get an idea what it feels like....


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 Who is L.G. Erikson?
"L.G. Erikson was born on a warm, beautiful day in the spring of......." - hold on, you can't tell them that!
Okay, let's continue: "She.... He grew up with one brother, mother and father in....." - never mind, can't tell them that, either.
"He.... She had the opportunity to experience a lot of different cultures. From early childhood on, she.... he was very outspoken and curious about the world and the people in it. That continued while growing up. He.... she formed many friendships with people from all kinds of backgrounds, and learned a lot about.... well.... a lot. In time, it became clear to her.... him, that his ability to think outside the box needed to be shared with the world, so he started writing down his observations. Finally, he.... she realized the time had come to write the first book: The Uncensored Truth: Let's Talk About Sex." - Done. The End.
   Wait....What?? Isn't this the section where you're supposed to tell your readers more about you personally? You're just gonna leave them in the dark?
Yes! That's exactly what I want!
See, my gender, race, origin, age or real name are completely irrelevant for the context of my book. How would revealing that information help me to open their minds?? If anything, it would tempt them to draw the wrong conclusions if they knew all this stuff about me. Besides, there is a lot more to come - yes, there will be more books - and I want them to keep reading without prejudice.

But then again, who knows.... Maybe someday in the future I will reveal my identity....when the time is right.

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