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Saturday, December 5, 2015
Title: Beautifully Wounded
Author: Susan Griscom
Series: Beaumont Brothers (#1)
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Publisher: Amber Glow Books
Release Date: Sept 20 2014
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
Source: Purchase
What would you do if you had no place to go and no one you could trust?

"The lyrics are about you, Lena," he confessed, and I watched his mouth as the tip of his tongue moistened his lips before he leaned his head down. Then those beautiful lips were on mine, soft, tender at first, then his tongue glided over my lips, breaking the seal. My pulse throbbed and quickened as his tongue swirled around mine. Taking and controlling, and... and I wanted this, needed his touch. I went limp in his embrace, and the heat rose under my skin, my body vibrated against his strong powerful one. Was this really happening?"

Jackson Beaumont prides himself on being a nature-loving, guitar-strumming, carefree sort of guy. When the mysterious Lena Benton walks into his bar looking scared and defeated, it's not something he can ignore. He's immediately consumed by concern for her and driven by his desire to help. She's just so beautiful. So wounded.

After being shuffled from one foster home to another growing up, Lena Benton dreamt of finding her prince charming. When the captivating Troy Harington sweeps her off her feet shortly after high school graduation, she's certain she's found her happiness. Unfortunately, Troy's true colors surface shortly after their marriage and things turn ugly. Lena only has one choice. She has to leave him. She has to run...

Lena's escape has brought her to Jackson, and he clearly wants to be there for her, but can she trust anyone again after what she's gone through? And will Jackson be able to help her heal without losing his heart?

18+ Due to Sexual Content and Mature Subject Matter.

Gripping and Emotionally Charged Read  
I have been a fan and follower of Susan Griscom’s work since her Debut Novel Whisper Cape. I have read and devoured so many of her beautifully written work but this one here was not the type of book to be devoured it is a savoring type. One you want to sip like fine wine. 
Lena was a strong and beautifully written character. Was she perfect no far from it but that was the beauty part because let’s face no one is perfect. Her major flaw was marrying the guy of her dreams or at least that is who she thought she was marrying turns out he was what nightmares are made of at least in the emotionally since. Troy was abusive both physically and mentally, and Lena had finally had enough. 

Jackson is a strong and caring character and has a need to try and help others. His strong and caring personality shows Lena that out all are the same. She soon discovers that Jackson is the one that can truly make her happy. 

This emotionally packed book is full of hope and eventually love after the dark times are passed. 

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