Airion by LM Halls

Monday, August 10, 2015

Title: Airion
Author: L.M. Halls
Series: Carrie: A Magickal Psychic Series
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: April 16 2015
Edition/Formats: Amazon Kindle
Have you ever felt like you had a mission in life?
Carrie always knew that she was born with a spiritual mission, but she had no idea what would that would mean.
In this supernatural thriller Carrie, who uses her psychic abilities to counsel others on their path and to guide young Wiccans, thought that this was what she was here to do. She was wrong.
Airion, a guide who before hid in shadows, comes to her to reveal the real nature of who she is and the mission she accepted before birth.
A dark entity wants the ley line running along the east coast and under Carrie’s home. Under the guise of a metaphysical cult, it takes the first steps to control this magickal energetic current. Can she grow fast enough as a witch to face the growing dark force she can no longer ignore? This battle could cost Carrie more than her life. And after meeting her soul mate, that is a price Carrie will not pay without a fight.

L. M. Halls has been a lifelong student of both the occult and literature. As a Wiccan priestess and spiritual counselor she works with individuals to develop the tools to build a strong sense of self, even when life has presented extraordinary challenges.
As an author she enjoys strong protagonists confronting the big life questions in landscapes that allow for some fun. By necessity her work addresses the darker side of the human soul but there is always enough beauty to balance what might otherwise seem a dire human condition.
Halls is committed to animals and the environment and when she and her partner are not playing with their three rescues, they are exploring the woods and tinkering in the apothecary.
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