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Friday, June 26, 2015
Title: Voodoo Moon
Subtitle: A Moon Sisters Novel
Series: Paranorm World Series
ISBN: 978-1-63422-021-7
Price: $10.95
ISBN: 978-1-63422-022-4
Price: $4.99
Available on Kindle Unlimited
Publisher: Crimson Tree Publishing

A sinister magic is sweeping across Nash City…
To Fiona Moon, it’s just another day at work. And some days, well, they’re a helluva lot worse than others. As a member of the elite Black Blade Guard, Fiona is tasked with hunting down the most-dangerous Paranorm criminals. To find out who is kidnapping mages and sucking the life energy from their bodies, she has to work with the one man that embodies everything she despises.
Master Necromancer Ian Barroes, a rich professor of Necromantic Studies, wants only one thing in this world… Fiona.
They each hold secrets that could destroy them, but could also be the key to destroying the evil Voodoo priest, Bokor. They must learn to trust each other and track down Bokor before more innocent lives are lost. When Fiona becomes a target of the evil madman, she is lured into his trap. Now, she and Ian have to fight for survival… and their very souls.
RELEASES FEB. 10, 2015

How hard is Character Development and how is it Important in writing…
Thank you so much for having me on your blog today.
In my opinion the plot is the backbone of a story, but the flesh and blood are the characters.  A well-crafted plot is essential, but the story will be flat without well developed, three dimensional characters. 
Personally, I always have an idea of the characters in my story first and then develop the plot around them.  Even though I start out with an idea of the characters, it can take quite a bit of time and effort to develop them into real people.  I created a series of worksheets to help me with character development.  The first is a basic character sketch for the basics like age, appearance, family, and basic history. 
Then I move on to a 100 question “interview” in which I answer the questions as the character.  The questions are a series of personality and personal history questions.  I don’t use most of the information, but it helps me get into the “mind” of the character. 
One of the most important parts of character development, and the hardest thing to pull off (at least in my opinion), is dialogue.  The thing I hate most when reading a book is characters that all speak the same way.  It may be common for siblings or family members to have similar speech patterns, but people from different backgrounds think and speak differently.   It’s very frustrating when two very different characters use the same phrases over and over. 
I think it’s important to be fluid and give your characters room to grow and develop as your story develops.  It doesn’t seem to matter how prepared I am before I start writing (and I do try to be very prepared), my characters tend to take on lives of their own and keep developing as I write.  

June is a geek girl, fat chick, unrepentant romantic and bestselling romance author.  While she writes in various subgenres, all of her stories will always have one thing in common: Romance.  Lots and lots of romance.  June writes full time and is both independently and traditionally published. In her role as an indie author she is also a PR person, web designer, cover designer, graphic designer, marketing executive, small business owner, and all around June of All Trades.
When not working, she can be found making jewelry, reading, cooking, or watching geeky movies with her husband and snuggling with her 5...YES 5, furbabies.  Notice cleaning wasn't listed...
June Stevens is the pen name for DJ Westerfield.

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