Character Profile (Julian Quibadeaux) Ghost form the Past by Diana Marie DuBois

Thursday, April 2, 2015
Title: Ghost form the Past
Author: Diana Marie DuBois  
Series: Voodoo Vows
Genre: Paranormal
Publisher: Three Danes Publishing LLC
Release Date:  TBA

 Bombarded by memories from the past, Julian Quibadeaux must use the visions of his ancestors or he will be doomed to repeat their mistakes. Through these flashes, he sees the evils of his ancestors and secrets that had been hidden to him.  His bloodline, since the time of Marie Laveau, has been cursed to turn into a Rougaroux, the Cajun werewolf. Murder and disastrous outcomes have plagued his family for generations. He must learn what he can before it’s too late…
However, he is not alone on his quest; he is helped by an old family friend who watches over him as the visions pour through his brain. But, if he can learn to control the monster within, he may, after all this time, tear down the walls of his curse.

Character Profile

Full Name:  Julian Marcel Quibadeaux
Age: 28
General physical description: Tall 6’4” long, brown hair. Emerald green eyes. Square jaw, sexy as hell
Hometown: Thibadeaux, La but currently lives in New Orleans.
Type of home/ neighborhood: He grew up on a plantation in Terrebonne Parish. 
Relationship status: Dating Rosaleigh Delacroix
Current family: His mother and father are both deceased.  He found out he has a half-brother Dax Quibadeaux.
Family background (parents, previous marriages, etc.): His mother is a witch from the Cypress Coven, his father Marcel died when Julian was young.  He is madly in love with Rosie.  His entire bloodline was cursed to turn into a Rougarou by Marie Laveau 
Friends: Jahane and Derrick who he met through Rosie.  
Other close relationships: He also has a great aunt Alma who watches over him.
Relationship with men: He tolerates them as long as he doesn't disrespect woman or Rosie for that matter.
Relationship with women: He treats them as he would his mother, with the utmost respect.
Job:  Even though his family has money, he works as an underwater diver. He is a welder working on the oil rigs out in the gulf.
Dress style: laid back, jeans tshirt and work boots, but when he wears a suit well yeah, sexy.
Religion: Catholic but he never knew of his wiccan background
Attitude to religion: He went to church every Sunday with his mom after she left her coven.  She wanted a normal life for her son.
Favorite pastimes: working on his grey 67 impala he bought when he turned 18.
Hobbies: when not working, he likes to refurbish old furniture.
Favorite sports: Football, the Saints of course. Basketball, he is  a supporter of the New Orleans Pelicans.
Favorite foods: Rosie’s homemade Bread Pudding. *wink*
Strongest positive personality trait: loyal to those he loves or cares about.  
Strongest negative personality trait: I’ve racked my brain for one and can’t seem to find one. hehehe
Sense of humor: He’s a guy he has a naughty sense of humor.
Temper:  If he is angered he must be careful, it will set off the curse.
Consideration for others:  He is considerate of others and goes above and beyond to help someone.
How other people see him: As a genuine good guy
Opinion of him: He really has no opinion of himself, he is who he is.  His struggles make him who he is.  He must live his life.
Other traits: especially those to be brought out in story:
Ambitions: first to get rid of the Rougarou curse.  Then hopefully a long life with Rosie. 
Philosophy of life: Live life to the fullest and don’t let the bad things win.
Most important thing to know about this character: He is loyal to those he cares about and defend them with his life. 
Will readers like or dislike this character, and why? Yes oh yes they will fall in love with him.

As a young girl, Diana Marie DuBois was an avid reader and was often found in the local public library. Now
you find her working in her local library. Hailing from the culture filled state of Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans; she lives with her three Great Danes and four spunky mutts.  Her biggest inspiration has always been the infamous Anne Rice and her tales of Vampires. It was those very stories that inspired Diana to take hold of her dreams and begin writing. She is now working on her first series, Voodoo Vows.

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