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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Good morning! I’d like to share a little about a project I worked on, one that means a great deal to me. A couple of months ago I was asked to participate in the Hope and Love Anthology—a donation anthology benefiting the LGBT Community Center that is close to me (and that I absolutely love!)—and of course, I said yes immediately! The project was 100% donated: all 15 stories, the cover, editing, production, etc. It’s all a gift, as is all the proceeds that come from it’s sale. It all goes to the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center here in Wisconsin. It’s a book of hope, love, community. Of coming together, standing up, of rebuilding and making families of choice. It’s also non-explicit, lol. Yeah, that was a little harder for me ;) But the anthology is something I personally enjoyed, for a cause I believe in. I had a lot of fun writing Micah’s Medicine (my short) and hope you take a peek, check out what all this book offers. At only $2.99 it’s a steal! Oh, and yes, it will be out in paperback shortly!

Hope and Love Anthology
GLBTQ Multi-genre Romance (non-explicit)
Cover by Rue Volley
Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing
September 26th, 2014
It starts with hope. That’s what LGBTQ Centers all over the world give us, the hope, the community, the care and education we need in a world that is often hate filled, scared of the unknown, and down right scary. When first introduced to community many of us rejoice as it’s often the first time we’re able to be out and be our true selves without fear or shame.
This anthology is for the benefit of one such center, one that touches many many lives, and like others, needs help and nourishment as well. Centers like the MKE LGBT Community Center depend on the love and support of others so that they may help and support us.
Within this collection of stories, you will find hope, family, love, and community. Take a chance on a new author or one of your beloved… read, enjoy, and know that you are helping children, adults, teens, and elderly alike in our greater LGBTQ community!
One hundred percent of the income from this volume goes directly to The MKE LGBT Community Center in Milwaukee, WI USA
Micah’s Medicine (my story in the anthology)
When Micah Sands runs into his best friend, and secret crush, Perry (Pericles Mann) near the skate park, he’s torn between joy and fear. Micah knows he’s different and is terrified of both his family and his friend finding out about his sexuality. But when Perry asks for his help, he finds more than he bargained.
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Stories Within:
A Change of Heart by Adan DePiaz
All The Wrong Numbers by Kameron Mitchell
Blue Eyes by Hope Ryan
Breath of Life by M. LeAnne Phoenix
Camp Kennevan by Donovan Alekzander Crane
Dinner for the Dead by Áine P Massie
Five Down, Three To Go by Victoria Kinnaird
Forte’ by Marcus Maichle
Joey’s Choice by Piper Kay
Letter from Sarah by Aaron Silver
Micah’s Medicine by Tempeste O’Riley
My Book Boyfriend by Elaine White
Sanctuary by Jocelyn Sanchez
Something to Hold on to by Milla V.
The Queen Dethroned by B. David Spicer


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