Review Hidden World by Schuyler J. Ebersol

Sunday, February 23, 2014
Title: Hidden World
Author: Schuyler J. Ebersol
Series: The Age of Tolerance (#1)
Genre: YA/Shifters/Paranormal
Publisher: Koehler Books
Release Date: Oct 2013
Edition: Print
Source: Author in Exchange for Honest Opinion

Nate Williams is found wandering alone in the woods at the age of six. Raised by a wealthy and loving family, he suffers a heart attack at the age of seventeen, triggering profound changes that allow him to unlock his full mental potential and transform into a wolf. Nate is sent to Noble College, where changing into an animal is normal and students are taught to do extraordinary things, such as alter the weather and change wood into diamond.

When a series of murders around the country threaten the secrecy of the Hidden World, Nate realizes there is more going on at Noble than meets the eye. He and his friends take it upon themselves to figure out what is going on and bring the killers to justice.

 Enjoyed the setup for the story and introductions of these characters as I hope to find out more of Nate's background before he was found that day in the forest. Then as we move to the school of Noble we meet some great new friends the school setting was very different and exciting to read about. Who is the Bat? And why does he want Nate dead so bad? This question made me more and more interested in this book page after page. As we find out more of Nate's true past and what possibly lies in his future so many twists like this kept me glued to this wonderful book that is The Hidden World. I did not want the book to end so soon that was my only downfall. Looking forward to reading book 2 in The Age of Tolerance Series.

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