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Sunday, December 22, 2013
Title: Because the Night
Author: Kristen Strassel
Series: Night Songs Collection Series (#1)
Genre: NA Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Foreword Literary
Release Date: Nov 5 2013

Immortal Dilemma is the hottest band in the Las Vegas vampire rock scene. They draw insatiable fans from around the globe, thanks to a supernatural attraction called Bloodlust. Tristan craved such an opportunity to fill his empty mortal life, and now he has eternity to earn his place along the legends of rock n roll debauchery.
Callie always feared that Tristan’s excesses would get him into trouble, but she never thought they’d lead him to immortality. To reconnect with him, she must weave her way through a world not only she had no idea existed, but does not welcome her.
Blade turned down a spot in Immortal Dilemma after learning what he must sacrifice for that lifestyle. He finds Callie a refreshing change from the girls in the vampire rock scene. When Callie drags Blade back into the world of Immortal Dilemma, his resistance drives her into the waiting arms of Tristan, who shows her the true meaning of Bloodlust.
But the very things that Callie fights so hard to save are the very things that fight to destroy her.

I loved the dark dark and gritty world that Kristen has created for us to delve in and explore. I love her take on Vampires. I am torn between Blade and Tristan I am like Callie I love each of them in different ways. I loved the vampires in this series they are raw and gritty and still seductive.
Callie on vacation to find and save a friend (Tristan) which she thought was only addicted to drugs to her surprise he was a little more than addicted he was dead he is a vampire living the high life. While trying to find and save Tristan she met Blade and fell for him in the short amount of time. Not listening to the advice of some people Callie finds her life in danger. Now not only is she trying to save Tristan she is trying to save the lives of her friends and even her own. What happens when Callie still decides to still disobey will she end up dead ? Kristen has created a cast full of awesome characters and a world that I can not wait to delve back into. The sexual tension is steamy but fades to black. Kristen has amazing description throughout the whole story except when it comes to the sex scenes the blood play was described amazingly but the sex was fade to black and I would have loved more description in those scenes. This is a start to what is going to be an amazing series. And I for one can't wait for more.

Kristen shares a birthday with Steven Tyler and Diana Ross.  She spends each day striving to be half as fabulous as they are.  She’s worn many hats, none as flattering as her cowboy hat: banker, retail manager, fledgling web designer, world’s worst cocktail waitress, panty slinger, now makeup artist and aspiring author.  She loves sunshine, live music, the middle of nowhere, and finding new things to put in her house.  Kristen is represented by Pam van Hylckama Vlieg of Foreword Literary.

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