Review No Good Deed by Bill Blais

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Title: No Good Deed
Author: Bill Blais
Pages: 350
Series: Kelly & Umber
Good Reads Synopsis:
Kelly McGinnis has spent her adult life trying to do the right thing, but as a newly down-sized mother of twins and the wife of a man living with Multiple Sclerosis, she also knows that trying isn't always enough.
While interrupting a scene of police brutality, Kelly unwittingly releases a real, live demon. After she manages to kill the creature through gut instinct and blind luck, she is approached to join a secret group of demon hunters who reveal an underworld of monsters and magic.
Against her better judgment, Kelly accepts the lucrative, if bizarre, offer; but when she meets Umber, a compelling incubus with an unexpectedly human story, she learns that the truth is far stranger and more terrifying than she imagined.
Rating: 2.5

What I liked about this book:
I really liked that the book had good pacing. It moves along very well. I like Kelly's go getter attitude. She doesn’t take crap from anyone at her job. She says what she is thinking and is a better character for it.

What I didn't like about this book:

Her family:

All the interactions between Kelly and her family seem completely fake. Everyone is all cheery and happy go-lucky all the time. It's like no family I have ever met. Her kids are angels, her husband is in a good mood ALL the time, and no one asks questions EVER. Kelly is of doing god knows what and somehow there is no real conversations between her and her husband that get in depth about her 'new job'. I know this is a novel, but my husband and I know down to the letter what went on in the other's day. Her husband doesn't care-- a simple "my day was good" will suffice. It what world does that happen? Anyone? That's right--- it doesn't. And it happens every day in this novel. What kind of marriage do they have? I have an answer, one that was written in a novel as filler from the rest of the story.

Her employment:
Okay-- really? Who hires someone on the premise that they acted differently in a situation than others by being brave? This is the most far-fetched aspect of this story. Kelly is described as pretty much a frumpy out-of-shape housewife. She intercedes in an ally way; foiling a demon hunters kill. She gets the demon hunter killed by accident and is approached by the demon hunter’s employer. He wants to hire her! Oh excuse me miss? You just got one of my best demon hunters killed, would you like a job? What? You have no training and you’re just a random housewife who was brave? NO PROBLEM!!! Here is $20,000 and a job offer J

This is a decent read if you can get past the believability of the story. The whole time I read this the thought was always poking at me that none of the story is plausible.


Bill Blais said...

I'm late seeing this and I'm obviously sorry you didn't enjoy the book more, but thanks for being willing to give it a try and for being part of the tour!

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