Assume The Position by T.C. Lee

Thursday, March 29, 2012
13262245Title: Assume The Position
Author: T.C. Lee
Publisher: Time and Tide Publishing
Edition: E-Copy
Source: From Author for Honest Review


Goodreads Blurb

Regan Taylor is already heading toward a date she'd rather not entertain. She thinks her night can't get any worse, until blue lights illuminate the night behind her, and the strong, commanding voice at her window strikes a nerve she didn't know was there.
Officer Alex Shaw is amused when the innocent brown-eyed woman staring up at him starts to argue at his accusations; she awakens a part of him that he has kept locked away. Despite his haunting past, pieces of his dominant side peek out, and he lets her go with a warning not to speed through his zone again.
When sparks fly between them, Regan sets out on a mission of self-discovery, but soon finds out the intense desire Alex brings out in her, leaves him cold. Can Alex overcome his past and act on his dark desires with her, or is it too late?

My Thoughts

First Sexy comes to mind. I loved this book . T.C. has created a story that will leave you wanting more in every sense of the word. Are story is with  Regan and Alex where they are on a journey of finding out who they are and what they are capable of. Regan is a recluse until she meets Alex then all she wants is him. Alex is afraid of being himself fully in fear of hurting someone. Until they meet each another. Then their world explodes into a sexual escapade that neither are sure if it is the right thing. All they know is that they have a desire for each other that they can not control. They eventual find that they can be themselves with each other without consequences that would hurt or effect the other.

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Anna SIG Black


T.C. Lee said...

Thank you, Anna! I'm delighted you enjoyed the read. :)

Starla Young said...

This sounds very interesting I will have to check it out.

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