Ocaria by Sydney P Berns

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Syyren Kantrella, captain of the guards, leaves her underwater world to seek the aid of the self-exiled prince. The oracle, the woman who maintains the underwater ecosystem in Ocaria, has disappeared. The prince is the only other person in existence who can take her place, but ... there is a price.
The last thing Marcus Versar Ay Seamius, a real estate mogul, wants to do is to return to Ocaria. Yet, for a chance to be with Syyren, he is willing to make a devil’s bargain, even if it means remembering why he left in the first place.

Published by Amber Glow Books on February 14 2012 


Review 4/5
I enjoyed this book it is a fresh fast paced and very sensual read. It was a very interesting story with very good description for the sensual scenes which I really enjoyed had my blood boiling ladies. I just felt the characters and the setting needed the description like the sensual scenes. I really could not get a clear picture in my head of what Syyren and Marcus looked like, and I would have loved to been able to do that for sure. And I really love the cover so pretty. Syyren leaves her home to seek the help of the Prince (Marcus) of her underworld home (who now lives on land ) when is cousin the Oracle of the underwater world goes missing and he is the only one that can calm things done until the Oracle is found. Syyren and Marcus set out to find the Oracle on one fast paced action adventure and end up finding each other again along the way.
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