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Saturday, January 21, 2012
I would like to welcome back Regan Walsh Author of Whisper Cape. Today she has brought  an interview with Cael and Addison to share with us. She is also giving away  6 ARC’s of Whisper Cape she is totally fantastic and Whisper Cape is a page turner for sure. So if you do not win go BUY it you will not be disappointed I will include links for purchase at the end of this post.
Thanks to everyone for their questions.
It’s overcast. The forecast said it might be and then it should clear up by noon. I pull up to the little beach cottage and glance at my watch, 11:45. Well, so much for the clear skies. This is the Oregon coast, what did I expect?
I open the car door and climb out of my rented 2011 SLK 350 Roadster—nothing but the best to visit the two most amazing people I know. I am in awe of my surroundings. Even through the haze, this place is spectacular. The “beach house” is located on the ocean side of the road. The front door is actually around back, facing the ocean. I walk slowly in that direction through a beautiful, well-kept white trellis overflowing with wisteria, lovely, with purple flowers still blooming this time of year.
The interview is to start at noon. I’m early so I decide to take the extra fifteen minutes and walk across the expertly manicured lawn to the edge of the cliff. Wow! It looks just like the picture on the cover of the book.
I get out my camera and take this shot, and hear someone calling me from behind. I turn to see Addison waving from the door.
“Come on in,” she shouts.
I wave and start walking toward her. I almost swallow my tongue when Cael comes out and stands beside her. Yeah, he is as gorgeous as always. His dark hair is a little shorter these days, but it looks great.
If I could post a picture of them I would, but circumstance prevent me from revealing their identity to the world, so I have found two celebrities that I would want to play their characters in, Whisper Cape, the movie.
Marco Dapper would most definitely be Cael, or if we can’t get Marco, perhaps clip_image004
Henry Caville (the next superman) would do it.
Megan Fox could be Addison but I think we might have to give her some golden brown contact lenses.
When I reach them, we all hug, I try to keep my cool and follow them inside. The fireplace is lit; the room looks inviting with fluffy cushions in the corners of the red sofa and an open bottle of wine, a Chardonnay, and three glasses on the coffee table waiting to be filled. A spot of Dubliner cheese, my favorite, along with some fancy looking crackers embellish a crystal dish to the side. How did they know? Man, I am going to love this interview.
Addie gestures to the big comfy chair sitting adjacent to the sofa for me to sit. They sit on the sofa, Cael pours the wine and Addie offers me some cheese. I take a small piece, I have my weight to worry about and cheese just sticks to my hips, but I do love it.
Cael holds up his glass and says, “Here’s to Whisper Cape, a rewarding and exciting endeavor.”
“Hear hear!” I say and we all take a sip. “Hmmm … nice.”
I flip open my folder and say, “I have several questions from fans, so let’s begin. I’ll just read the name of the person who asked the question, followed by the question, if that’s okay.”
They nod.
Our first question is from Renee Miller, author/contributor to Ménage à 20, Tales with a hook . “I'd like to ask Cael where his name originated. I've always liked this name and wondered if (for him) it has special meaning.”
(Cael smiles, that killer smile. I’m ready to melt. How does Addie deal with that?)
Well, Renee, let me start by thanking you on behalf of my mother, since she gave me the name.
Let’s see if I can get this right. From what she told me, CÁEL is an Irish Gaelic name derived from the word caol, meaning "slender." In Celtic mythology, Cael is the name of a warrior of the
Fianna. The correct spelling would have the accent above the a; however, my mother left it off my birth certificate, so I would have an easier time in school. The Fianna, also called the Fianna Eireann clan was a warrior band, established to protect the King of Ireland. The Celts divided their people by clans and by social classes. If you just think of it as Kay-el, it is a little easier to pronounce.
I have another question from Renee:
“Cael, why didn't you just play the victim when you and Addie first met? You might have had an easier time of it.;)” She added one of those little winked smiley faces for you.
When I first encountered Addison, or was it she who sort of ran into me? (He grinned and took a sip of his wine) I didn’t know who she was and there was no reason, at that time, to think I would need to do any explaining to her. Keeping my secret and avoiding any confrontation about my abilities was far more important. But you are right, of course; it would have been easier just to play the victim if I had known I needed to connect with her. Too bad we don’t have hindsight, right? Or would that be foresight in this case?
This next question comes from Eden Chase, author of Snow Angel and Saying Grace. “I would like to ask Addie if she is curious about any women that might be in Cael's past. I mean, the man is drop-dead-gorgeous, so he has to have attracted the interest of other females before her, right?”
Cael is drop-dead-gorgeous? I hadn’t noticed. (Cael frowns at her and she grins, showing that cute little dimple at the left side of her mouth that he adores.) Just kidding. Yes, he is, but we wouldn’t want that going to his head. (She fiddles with her fingers then brushes her hair behind her ear in an nervous sort of way). I don’t worry too much here in Whisper Cape. It’s such a small town, so everybody knows we are a couple now. His past is another story. He has told me a bit about his former relationships, or as he claims, lack of same. It is understandable, to be quite honest, that he might have had a difficult time in that area with anyone other than someone like me. I do believe that it would be difficult to hide what he is capable of doing from someone he was close to, intimately that is. He is too honest and I’m sure it would kill him not to be able to share that side of himself.
I pause here and take a sip of that excellent wine and then place the glass back down on the coffee table.
Here’s a question from Pam Ripling, aka, Anne Carter, author of Point Surrender and Cape Seduction and various other great novels. “It's been awhile since I read this wonderful book, but I do remember wondering about Cael's ability to transport. Wouldn't he just be tempted to go places all the time? Where else has he traveled (besides the speedy trips he ‘took’ Addie on, LOL).”
Funny you should ask this. Addison and I just returned from a trip to Bora Bora, a magnificent place. (He takes Addie’s hand in his and they smile at each other.) We were there for three weeks. A much-needed and deserved rest for both of us, I might add. Yes, I’ve always been tempted to take off when the situation allows and I have seen the world, but I found traveling by myself to be a huge bore. It is much nicer now to have Addison to take along with me. Hmmm … you’ve just given me an excellent idea.
Now a question from Grace Sheridan, author/contributor to Simply Seductive Summer Stories. “I have a question for Addie. Does it hurt when you perform a certain task?”
Actually, yes. (She glances at Cael who looks a little shocked at her answer.) I’ve never complained about it before. I was always too busy being freaked out about it to notice. I guess I’ve become used to it. It only hurts right before I do it though, so it’s not really all that bad.
At first, it was all so scary and I didn’t really want anything to do with my abilities, but now that I know how it feels to lose control of my mind, I am glad I have them. That pain has become more of a comfort, knowing what comes from it. Meeting some of the others at the Sectorium has made it little easier for me to accept who I am. Just knowing there are other people in this world capable of some pretty remarkable stuff is comforting and the pain doesn’t seem so bad.
Here’s another question from Grace. “Addie, didn't you ever ask questions about your mother when you were younger?”
All the time. I think I drove my father crazy. When I was, I don’t know, maybe a pre-teen, Maia and I would spend hours sitting on the floor in the living room, looking at pictures of my mother and my grandparents. We were never able to do it when my father was around. He simply couldn’t deal with seeing her face. He never got over her death. Whenever he went out of town though, I would beg Maia for a night of no TV and just talking and looking at the photo albums. Maia really didn’t know enough about my mom to actually give me much information, but it was nice to look at the pictures and listen to stories of my grandparents. It helped Maia too, I think, to talk about her mom and dad; she was so young when they died. By the way, I love Grace’s last name.
I have a question for each of you. Addie, you first, what is the thing you love most about Cael?
(Blushes). Um … that would be—
(She stops here, shakes her head.) I can’t.
Okay. It would have to be the way he talks to me when we’re lying alone in bed. The sound of his voice close to my ear, the way his skin feels next to mine, and the way he makes me feel special. Cherished.
(She sighs and looks at Cael and we sit in silence for a few seconds.)
What about you, Cael? What is the thing you love most about Addie?
(Swallows). She has this quirky little habit, (he smirks and shakes his head). Okay, I won’t go there. Addison is the most sensual woman I’ve ever encountered. I love the way her mouth curves into that dimple on the left side and I love the way she looks when she’s defiant and being stubborn, and … when she is completely satiated. I love the way she smells, a mixture of apricots and peaches. She has this new stuff, too. I haven’t been able to pin point the scent, but it’s been driving me crazy.
(He looks to Addie; she shrugs.)
Addison makes me feel like the man I’ve always wanted to be. I care about life more, about how she feels. I’ve never cared about another person the way I do her. She’s become my world. Everything I do now, I think of how she will react. I want to share everything with her. I would die to protect her.
At this point, the interview is basically over and we enjoy a little idle chitchat, off the record. The bottle of wine is almost empty. I did eat a few more squares of cheese than I had intended.
Thank you both very much for the warm welcome into your home. It is absolutely lovely. What I wouldn’t give to live here.
Regan, you know we love you and we always enjoy your visits.
Come back anytime and if you ever need some inspiration or story ideas, you can call on us. We’re always here.
I gather up my notes and recorder and walk to the door. Cael and Addie follow. I turn to leave, pause, and glance back at them. I have one more question. “Any chance of a baby in the near future?”
Cael says, “Yes!”
Addie counters with, “No!”
I nod and walk back through the trellis toward my car, grinning.
Thanks for reading.
Now that was a fun interview. Let me just tell you after you read Whisper Cape you are gonna want more that is how good this book is. You are gonna become a stalker by stalking Regan and begging for more I know I did after I read it. You can find my previous review and interview with Regan here . Now like I promised are the links to which you can get your very own copy of this awesome book and totally stalk this ah~may~zing author.

Where You Can Find Regan Regan's website
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Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn Review

Sunday, January 15, 2012
Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn

Goodreads Blurb
On one side of the border lies the modern world: the internet, homecoming dances, cell phones. On the other side dwell the ancient monsters who spark humanity's deepest fears: dragons.
Seventeen-year-old Kay Wyatt knows she's breaking the law by rock climbing near the border, but she'd rather have an adventure than follow the rules. When the dragon Artegal unexpectedly saves her life, the rules are abruptly shattered, and a secret friendship grows between them.
But suspicion and terror are the legacy of human and dragon interactions, and the fragile truce that has maintained peace between the species is unraveling. As tensions mount and battles begin, Kay and Artegal are caught in the middle. Can their friendship change the course of a war?
In her young-adult debut, New York Times bestselling author Carrie Vaughn presents a distinctly twenty-first-century tale of myths and machines, and an alliance that crosses a seemingly unbridgeable divide.

Purchased this book because I Love The Kitty Norville Series by Carrie Vaughn. Being Carrie’s first YA Novel I really loved it from beginning to end. Kay is your typical teenager, with good friends, and a  loving family. Everything she could want until an accident on a hiking trail where she meets a new friend a dragon named Artegal. Finding that they can talk to each other she flies with him until getting caught and border intrusions cause a war between humans and dragons. After losing her father she starts to take action into her own hands. Showing everyone that humans and dragons can coexist together. After this comes  more fighting between the two rivals. Kay makes the ultimate sacrifice and sacrifices herself for love of her mother , best friend, and a boy she has fallen in love with.
In all saying I believe
Carrie Vaughn has hit it again with Voices of Dragons.



Reviewed by SMD

The Nightmare Garden by Caitlin Kittredge

Monday, January 9, 2012


Genre: YA- Steampunk

Publication Date: February 14, 2012

Goodreads Blurb

Everything Aoife thought she knew about the world was a lie. There is no Necrovirus. And Aoife isn't going to succumb to madness because of a latent strain—she will lose her faculties because she is allergic to iron. Aoife isn't human. She is a changeling—half human and half from the land of Thorn. And time is running out for her.
When Aoife destroyed the Lovecraft engine she released the monsters from the Thorn Lands into the Iron Lands and now she must find a way to seal the gates and reverse the destruction she's ravaged on the world that's about to poison her.

Special Excerpt from The Fantastic Author Herself Caitlin Kittredge

Before me stood a figure twice as tall as I, only a shadow, smooth and without feature. I stayed still, unsure of my footing in the dream. I always felt only vaguely attached to my dream-body, as if my mind were floating free in the void of outer space and my body were waiting back on Earth.

Behind the figure, a great gear rose, half of it above the platform on which we stood. Above us, a hundred skies turned by, sunrises and sunsets, skylines and the blackness of space. And in those skies things twisted and writhed, great tentacles of darkness coming down to merge and mingle with the shadow figure before me.

I found I could speak, which wasn’t always the case in these madness dreams—for that was surely what this was, brought on by the iron of Windhaven. “Where am I?”

The figure stared back impassively. I knew he was staring, despite his lack of eyes or any features at all. I could feel his gaze, hot and penetrating. Beyond him, beyond the gear and the platform, the skies spun faster. They were more than skies now—it was as if we were inside a giant dome, and lantern reels in the thousands and millions were projected onto the glass sides.

“Where am I?” I asked again.

The figure reached out a hand. It was fathomless, black smoke in the shape of a human thing, and I felt cold emanate from the shadow as it drew closer to me. The tentacles writhed faster, lashing, and from all around us came a great moaning, which vibrated the dome to its core and came up through my feet into my bones.

“Who are you?” the figure hissed. “Why did you come here?”

“You tell me,” I whispered, my lips barely able to move from the frozen air of the dream and my own fear. This felt too strong, too real, to be purely a result of the iron around me. The madness was getting worse. I was starting to believe my own dreams. I dug my fingers into my palms, but in this dream place, I felt no pain. That didn’t soothe my worries any.

“I don’t know where here is,” I said. The great gear behind the figure began to turn, and as it did the tentacles retreated, the black figures floating in the skies shrinking away. In my ears, and through the dome, a thousand screams echoed.

“You shouldn’t be here,” the figure told me. “This isn’t your dream. This isn’t a dream at all.”

Then, as if I’d fallen from a great height, I snapped awake.

Links for Ordering

The Nightmare Garden

The Iron Thorn (paperback edition)

Caitlin is hosting an AWESOME GIVEAWAY please go check it out here.

Untouched by Jus Accardo Cover Reveal


Expected publication: February 21st 2012 from entangled publishing

Look AT all of kale’s hotness those piercing blue eyes wow

go add this to your goodreads tbr pile


Preservation by Rachael Wade Sneak Peek

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am happy to give all my wonderful followers a sneak peek into Rachael’s newest novel Preservation. I must say this sneak peek is a teaser that is gonna make you wish you could read the whole thing right now. so once again Rachael is gonna give us a novel that we are gonna want to put at the top of our tbr pile. so without farther ado here it is

5.5"X8.5" Post Card Template Blurb

Fear is sabotage’s sweetest weapon.

Kate has no time for meaningless romantic charades, and definitely no time for hot college professors who are full of themselves and smitten with her. Constantly battling eviction notices, tuition she can’t afford, and a sick, dependent mother, the last thing she needs is to be distracted with someone else’s complicated baggage.

When she stumbles into Ryan Campbell’s creative writing class, he is only “Mr. Campbell” to her, until Ryan finds himself captivated by her writing and she is forced to face their mutual attraction. His cocky know-it-all syndrome is enough to send her running in the other direction, and his posse of female admirers and playboy reputation are enough to squander any odds in her favor.

But underneath Ryan’s abrasive facade is something to behold, and she can’t stay away for long. Ryan and Kate must decide who they’re willing to become and fight against their former selves if they want to make things work. That’s if academia, vicious vixens, old skeletons, and their own mastery at self-destruction don’t pummel their efforts first

Expected publication: May 25th 2012 by Rabbit Hole Press

Adult Contemporary Romance / Realistic Fiction

Sneak peek time and you know it is gonna be good with a tag line that is as gripping and intriguing as ‘ Fear is sabotage’s sweetest weapon. ‘

Preservation Sneak Peek

That night, I made sure to arrive at the pool at my usual time. I didn’t want to stay a minute longer than normal, knowing Ryan would be showing up soon. The last thing I wanted was to get all flustered around him again like a total fool and feed his ego.

I did one final lap and ducked down to let the water rush over my head, slowly coming up for one more relaxing breath of air.

And there he was. Sitting on the ledge, looking over at me.

“Kate. Will you let me apologize for earlier today?”

“Ryan. You’re early.” I rolled my eyes and pulled myself up and out of the pool. As I stood to my feet, he slipped in.

“I didn’t mean to bite your head off like that. I’m sorry, really. I want to know what you came to talk to me about after class.”

I towel-dried my hair and began collecting my things, stuffing everything in my bag. Why not? Might as well tell him.

“I just thought I’d tell you that I’m going to be published.” I wrapped the towel around my torso, slinging my bag over my shoulder. “Not the piece you read, but something else. That’s it.”

“That’s it?” He flew out of the pool and lunged forward to hug me. “Congratulations! That’s really...well I’m not surprised. Your work is brilliant. It inspires me, actually.”

I jutted my head back, did a double take. “What? Inspires you?”

He put his hands on his hips and stared at me with bright, flickering eyes. They were on fire. “Yes, me.” He tapped my shoulder. “Just because I’m a professor doesn’t mean my students’ work can’t inspire me.”

I narrowed my eyes then glanced around, trying to understand his instant mood shift. His smile was blinding, wide and enthusiastic—unlike anything I’d ever seen.

“You look thoroughly disturbed.” He chuckled and crossed his arms. Wet. Dripping wet.

“You’re moody. I can’t figure you out, that’s all.” I let out an exasperated sigh. “One minute you’re really easygoing and nice to talk to, and the next...”

“I’m a total ass. Yes, it’s a part of my charm. You’ll have to forgive me.” He glanced down at his bare feet, sexy grin still intact. I refused to let my eyes wander to his tattoos. “I’m stubborn, get pissed if I can’t have my way, and I’m always guaranteed to make someone feel like shit at least once a day.” He shrugged. “But I admire and value good writing when I see it, and I don’t mean to treat my students that way. Especially you.” He held out his hand, waiting for me to shake. “Truce?” His hand hung in midair, the other perched on his hip.

Reluctantly, I slipped my palm into his and gently shook, noticing his gaze drift from my eyes to my lips. I stepped back. “You’re forgiven. And just for the record...you inspire me, too. That’s what I wanted to tell you this morning. You get this spark when you talk about my writing...well, writing in general. Your passion is inspiring. And sincere.” I nodded, tucking my hair behind my ear. “But if you’re an ass to me again, three strikes you’re out.” A small grin seized my lips.

He stood there, eyes soft, body wet, black ink calling my name. “Deal, Ms. Parker. So when and where is your work going to be published?”

“As far as I know, the spring issue of The Morning Theatric. It’s a drama-focused literary magazine.” The weight of my bag began cutting into my shoulder, and the temptation to lust after his body art was becoming unbearable. “But I better go; I’ll send you a copy when it’s published, okay?”

“All right,” he leisurely turned and slipped back into the pool. “I look forward to it.”

“See you around.”

“Hey, Kate!”

I stopped and turned to him.

“Come see me after class again next week. I have something you might be interested in. You won’t be able to resist.” He smirked and deadpanned me, biting his lip.

Holy hell.

“Oh? Okay, well we’ll see about that.” My eyebrows twitched in amusement but I worked to repress my own smirk, turning on my heel for the door. My instinct told me not to venture into his playful territory, but cue the Hallelujah chorus was all I could think.

Preservation, an adult contemporary romance/ realistic fiction novel by Rachael Wade, author of the paranormal romance series, The Resistance Trilogy. Add it to your Goodreads to-read shelf today!

Happy reading !!!!!

Winners of Whisper Cape by Regan Walsh

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
Blogger Congratz Sign
Entry # 105 Gena R
Entry # 146 Pam R


I would like to thank everyone that stopped by to show your support for Regan Walsh and her debut novel Whisper Cape.
Happy Reading !!!

Toxic (Denazen #2) by Jus Accardo

Monday, January 2, 2012

I am showing a cover reveal of one f my anticipated reads of 2012. Toxic book #2 in the Denazen Series. And I must say this cover is HOT the people at Entangled Publishing Rock.

Expected publication: May 1st 2012 by Entangled Publishing


Here's the blurb:

When a Six saved Kale’s life the night of Sumrun, she warned there would be consequences. A trade-off. Something taken for the life they gained. But Dez never imagined she’d lose the one thing she’d give anything to keep… And as if it’s not enough Dez finds her immunity to Kale fading, the Six brought in to help Kale learn to control his killer touch starts drooling on him the moment they meet. Worse than that? Jade can touch Kale. But bimbo Barbie is the least of Dez's problems.

After Dez and Kale got away at Sumrun, her father lost not only his most powerful weapon but an important piece of the Supremacy project. Forced by Denazen to remedy the situation, he poisons Dez and offers her a choice—surrender to Denazen for the cure…or die. Determined to find a solution that doesn’t involve being bagged and tagged—or losing someone she loves—Dez keeps the poison a secret.  But when a rash of Denazen attacks hit a little too close to home, Dez is convinced there’s a traitor among them. Jade.

Sacrifices, broken promises, and secrets. Dez will have to lay it all on the line if there’s any hope of proving Jade’s guilt before they all end up Residents of Denazen. Or worse, dead...

Book One in this Series was totally awesome so if you do not have it go get it and read it that way you are prepared for this awesome book.